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As an integrated network of communication professionals, Harris Branding & Associates has the flexibility and resources to craft custom solutions to help our clients reach their goals. We can tailor a comprehensive business plan to your needs including any or all of the services listed below.


Our seasoned experts provide personalized, reliable, and affordable services to help you communicate your story, convey your brand, and be heard.

With a special focus on advocacy, non-profit, and political organizations, our approach emphasizes customization, dependability, and results. We accomplish more when we translate complex information into media that people can easily understand.

For comprehensive communication planning or professional execution on an individual project component, Harris Branding & Associates will bring your vision and message to the next level. Whether you’re looking for the best way to design it, promote it, print it, amplify it, or make people understand it… We’ve got you covered.

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Strategic Planning Session

We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. We then strategize using smart tools and global resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

Equity & Inclusion

We believe that 21st-century innovation is driven by equity. By sharing principles of diversity, and inclusion we actively empower business, nonprofits, and governments to effect social change by addressing complex, systemic challenges. 

  • ASSESS the challenges and environment;

  • DECONSTRUCT variance and perform analysis;

  • RECONSTRUCT processes and systems centering equity;

  • LAUNCH a tailored communications strategy that prioritizes inclusion, consensus, and drives energy toward goals that meet the bottom line.

Branding & Positioning Analysis

With years of experience, our team has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Harris Branding & Associates, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.

Introductory Consultation

Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

Political Strategy

Smart political strategies benefit us all. Harris Branding & Associates has experience advising candidates, conducting focus groups, managing campaigns, crafting messages and building platforms, and using research to inform the approach. We believe in competition. We believe in democracy. We believe in winning.

Public Relations

For more than a decade, members of the Harris Branding team has designed pro-active and crisis response public relations solutions for a range of companies and non-profit organizations.


In today’s competitive media landscape, the ability to hone and deliver your message is more important than ever. Through our media training services, we can help you get there while bringing your media presentation skills to the next level.


Harris Branding & Associates has the expertise to ensure your story makes a positive impact when it counts the most.


You need the public to know the value of your mission, product, or service. Our integrated marketing solutions can help zero in on the audience you need to reach and ensure that they know why your work and your perspective matter

Graphic Design

From web to print to video production, if you can imagine it, our talented digital team can make it happen. From billboards to direct mail to your next campaign website, Harris Branding delivers creative and reliable design solutions for our clients.

Our digital and print design capabilities will make your vision a reality. Need help coming up with a vision for your next project? We can help with that, too. Our team of design professionals have wide-ranging experience working with clients in many industries. From product packaging to T-shirts to newsletter layouts, we not only can get it designed, we can get it sourced, produced, and delivered.

Advertising & Media Production

From billboards and transit placements to social media advertising and search engine optimization, our expertise surpasses that of much larger, more expensive firms. We offer a full suite of audio and video production services for your advertising needs.

If you already advertise, Harris Branding is able to conduct no-obligation audits of your purchasing to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

Particularly in the advocacy and political arenas, many organizations get overcharged by brokers and consultants when purchasing media, dampening the impact of even the most effective creative content.

Harris Branding buys direct from our broad network of media partners, allowing us to pass significant savings onto you.

We also provide in-house production services from radio to television to digital advertisements. We can ensure your next campaign hits all the right notes — and the right targets — while reducing or eliminating overhead expenses and broker fees.


Harris Branding is proud to offer custom translation services to ensure your next website, mailing, or advertising initiative resonates with non-native English speakers.

We specialize in Spanish language media, to serve the growing Latino population within the United States. Latinos account for approximately 15% of the labor force already and are projected to reach almost 20% by the year 2020 — a growth rate of 16% since 2000. And there are more than 40 million Spanish-speakers online.


While our specialty is in Spanish translation services, we are also able to provide translation to Chinese, Portuguese, Haitian-Creole and many other languages.

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